Election Information Packages were mailed in late August to all producers by the Independent Elections Officer (IEO). Each package will contain the Election Rules and Procedures, One-Time Amendment to Election Rules & Procedures from BCFIRB, a Voting Producer Registration Form, a Nomination Form and an Election Timeline. The IEO for the BCMMB Election is the BC Council of Marketing Boards (Della Oberhoffner).

Producers operating as partnerships or corporations must submit their Voting Producer Registration Forms to the IEO by September 28, 2020 if they want to vote in the election. Please note that producers operating as sole proprietors and those partnerships and corporations which previously registered a Voting Producer on behalf of the corporation or partnership are not required to submit Voting Producer Registration Forms, if the previously-designated Voting Producer remains the same.

Future potential Board candidates for the election: please be aware that ONLY “registered Voting Producers” can sign nomination forms, in support of your candidacy. All five (5) of the signatures must be Voting Producers in order for your nomination to stand.

If you have any questions regarding the 2020 BCMMB Election process, please contact the Independent Elections Officer, Della Oberhoffner, directly at 778.242.0285 or by email to office@bccoga.ca

The following BCMMB 2020 Election documents can be accessed online at BCMMB Board Election – 2020

  • BCMMB 2020 Producer Election Timeline
  • BCMMB 2020 Nomination Form
  • BCMMB 2020 Voting Producer Registration Form
  • BCMMB Election and Appointment Rules and Procedures
  • BCFIRB One-Time Amendment to Election Rules & Procedures