In accordance with the BCFIRB approved BCMMB Election Rules, Information Packages were emailed August 21, 2023 to all producers by the Independent Elections Officer (IEO). Included in the email package is the BCMMB Official Election Rules – updated July 9, 2021, a Board Member Nomination Form, and a Producer Election Timeline. The IEO for the BCMMB Election is the BC Council of Marketing Boards (Della Oberhoffner).

THE BCMMB manages the list of Voting Producers. To be eligible to vote, all partnerships, firms, or corporations are required by law to appoint a Voting Producer. For this election you must appoint or change your Voting Producer no later than 10 am PDT, October 12, 2023. If you have questions regarding the Voting Producer form, please contact Lori Sharpe at or Laina Bater at

Please note: If your farm is a sole proprietorship, this form does not apply as the Voting Producer is automatically the same as the sole proprietor that the Milk Board has on file.

The Voting Producer form can be accessed online at BCMMB Board Election – 2023.

Future potential Board candidates for the election: please be sure that your Nomination Form has the signatures of at least five (5) Licensed Producers. Nomination Forms must be returned to the IEO at no later than 4:00 pm PDT, October 10, 2023.

If you have any questions regarding the 2023 BCMMB Election process, please contact the Independent Elections Officer (IEO), Della Oberhoffner, directly at 778.242.0285 or by email at

The following BCMMB 2023 Election documents can also be accessed online at BCMMB Board Election – 2023.

  • BCMMB 2023 Producer Election Timeline – Contact IEO
  • BCMMB 2023 Board Member Nomination Form– Contact IEO
  • BCMMB Election & Appointment Rules & Procedures – July 9, 2021 – OFFICIAL – Contact IEO
  • BCMMB 2023 Voting Producer Registration Form – Contact BCMMB