The British Columbia Milk Marketing Board has the authority to promote, control and regulate the production, transportation, packing, storing and marketing of milk, fluid milk and manufactured milk products within British Columbia. The Board exercises its powers under federal and provincial enactments:

Some of the duties and responsibilities of the BC Milk Marketing Board are to:

  • maintain a register of licensed producers,
  • license all producers, vendors, producer vendors and milk transporters,
  • allot milk quota to licensed producers,
  • serve as the registrar of milk quota and administer the transfer of milk quota among licensed producers,
  • administer the timely changes to authorized, published milk prices,
  • administer the monthly producer equalization pool, including the reconciliation of milk production with reported processed industrial milk product production and fluid sales,
  • coordinate daily on-farm milk pick-up and delivery to processors,
  • administer milk marketing regulations for industry compliance purposes, including, when warranted, making use of inspection authority,
  • prepare and disseminate accurate and timely industry information through established communication devices including newsletters, brochures, web sites and broadcast email.