Consultations are an integral part of the regulated requirement of agricultural commodity boards and commissions for the province. The Board is responsible for the needs of producers, processors, consumers and any other participant in the provincial dairy supply chain. Consultations are used to understand the purpose of policies, to identify any issues or problems that may arise from an existing policy and to develop modified or new policies as required.

The BC Milk Marketing Board initiated a consultation with BC Processors on July 5th, 2019 regarding the opportunity to develop a cost sharing policy between producers and processors on vendor audits. 

The feedback period concluded on September 11, 2019 and the Board would like to thank processors for their feedback on this policy item. The Milk Board has considered the feedback received and would like to take more time to consider policy development in order to ensure all concerns raised can be addressed. The Board intends to continue consulting with the Milk Industry Advisory Committee, the Western Dairy Council and the Western Milk Pool in order to develop a Vendor Audit Cost Sharing policy that meets a sound governance structure for stakeholders. 

The Board will provide updates as the development of the policy moves forward. 

Any questions regarding this notice can be directed to Dan Poelman 

The Milk Board has conducted consultations with various committees, transporters and stakeholders in the province. This policy reflects the current operational intent of the Train accessibility discount.

From October 2017 to April 2018, the BC Milk Marketing Board (the Board) undertook a public consultation process, to assist in the development of a (new) New Entrant Program (NEP) to replace its previous Graduated Entry Program (GEP).  The final consultation paper and policy decision can be downloaded below. The Board ran its first NEP application and selection process in 2019 and invited three people to enter the dairy industry program as “New Entrants” under the program. The Board will run the NEP process annually.

The BC Milk Marketing Board conducted a Quota Tools Assessment Review (QTAR). This review was initiated by the Farm Industry Review Board (FIRB) to all five supply managed commodity boards in the province to develop long term quota policies that will support industry stakeholders and the public interest for BC residents.


The overall purpose of the review was to assess the outcomes of BCFIRB’s 2005 Specialty Review transfer assessment and industry entry related directions as they pertain to their continued effectiveness, utility and appropriateness. The evaluation was conducted in light of:

  • The 2005 transfer assessment and industry entry related policy objectives; and,
  • Supporting delivery of sound marketing outcomes in a rapidly changing environment.

The review primarily focused on two policies; (1) Transfer Assessment Structure; and (2) Industry Entry; however, a sound evaluation of related quota policies was conducted to provide a thorough rationale for any proposed policy changes.

QTAR Final Directive

On February 2, 2018, the BC Farm Industry Review Board (FIRB) rendered its decision on the Quota Tools Assessment Review (QTAR) recommendations submitted by the BC Milk Board on June 30th, 2017 and September 29, 2017. The complete decision can be downloaded below.

The BC Milk Marketing Board (Board) conducted a consultation with the support of the BC Farm Industry Review Board (BCFIRB) that will be used to develop an effective long term quota allocation and governance policy. The Board developed a Discussion Paper in support of the consultation, and welcomed the participation of all industry stakeholders and interested members of the public. Click on the link below to download final report (April 15, 2014).