The Board has received an update from the Canadian Dairy Commission (CDC) regarding the planned compensation for dairy producers as a result of market access commitments made under recent international trade agreements. All producers should receive a letter from the CDC within the next week. Please ensure that you open and keep this letter in a safe place as it contains security info specific to your farm, which is required to claim your payment.

Producers should also carefully read the four-page document that follows this Notice. It was provided to the BCMMB for distribution to all dairy producers; it outlines in detail how to register and receive the DDPP funding. Producers should be aware that this is a very detailed process, but that it is necessary to protect the integrity of your banking information and ensure that funds are only received by the rightful parties, according to the CDC. Producers can choose to receive a payment by the end of 2019 or by March 31, 2020. (This payment is the first of the compensation monies to be paid over eight years.)

Important dates and information of this program:

  1. To receive a payment in 2019, you must register by December 6, 2019; OR
  2. To receive a payment in 2020, you must register by March 1, 2020

The following items are required and should be ready before you begin the registration process:

  1. The letter from the CDC – it has an important Participant ID and Anti-Phishing Verification Number.
  2. BCMMB producer statement for the August production month (from the MMS website). You will be asked during the registration process for the ‘Net Litres’ shown on page one of this statement.
  3. Your farm’s CRA Business Number (for corporations) or Social Insurance Number (for partnerships or sole proprietorships).
  4. A cheque or banking information of the account where you wish to have the funds deposited.

If you have any questions on the program, the process, or you haven’t received your letter by November 29, be sure to call the DDPP help-line toll-free: 1-877-246-4682 or email: You may need to have your “Participant ID” if you are asking questions about your registration access.