Since the September Producer Statements (for August production) will be uploaded to the producer secure area of MMS by the end of the day, we wanted to highlight some of the key differences in the NEW statement, when compared to the “Legacy” statement. 

The goal in creating a new statement was to have the layout and formatting be similar to the former, but streamlined and updated as follows: 

  1. Solids Non-Fat (SNF) is no longer reported, because it’s no longer applicable for the province and Western Milk Pool. 
  2. The following items are NOT on the NEW statement because they are now provided in the producer secure area of MMS: 
    • Milk Component (test results) information by ticket 
    • The “Over/Under Credit Limit” graph 
    • The “Target Production Chart” for the following month 
    • The rolling 12 month “Buy/Sell Credit” line 

The statistics and CDQ results that normally are presented along with Producer Statements have also been updated in a new format in MMS. The volume and dollars by class still appear on page 2, but the “Debits/Credits to TPQ Milk Pool” now are embedded in Statistics on page 1 (box 2). 

Also, please note that when you click on a statement or other document in the “Producer Notifications” or “Document Manager” areas in MMS, this will result in a file downloaded (PDF) to the bottom of your browser that you must then click on to open. (If you don’t see this in your browser, go to your “Downloads” folder on your computer.) 

The entire site is designed to work best in Google Chrome, but other computer and mobile platforms will work also. 

If you have questions about this notice, please contact