The BC Milk Marketing Board (BCMMB) will be publishing invoices to plants from the new MMS system for August production which will be sent to plants and posted on the MMS system on or before September 11, 2019. In the new MMS system, a new plant invoice has been developed that is more inclusive of adjustments and details normally added in subsequent pages in the BCMMB’s former system.

There are three key items to remember with this new invoice:

  1. The balance payable and owing to the BCMMB is on the final page in the last line of the statement of accounts
  2. The detail on page 1 (which may spill over to page 2) is the milk utilization as per the plant’s version 1 data reported in MUV before pricing agreements/adjustments. This is different than how BCMMB has presented the data previously.
  3. Not every item on the invoice has detailed support, and some may follow by email or be posted directly to the plant’s ‘Document Manager’ area of the MMS website.

To assist with the transition to this new invoice, in the pages that follow is a sample invoice that has been explained page-by-page.

If you have any questions regarding this notice, please contact Dan Poelman at