The 2021 Election for Members of the BC Milk Marketing Board has been concluded by the Independent Elections Officer (IEO).  The 2021 election provided vacancies for two positions. Three valid nominations were received for the two vacancies.

The ballot count for the 2021 election was completed on December 10, 2021. The Board congratulations David Janssens (current BCMMB Board Member) on his re-election; and the Board welcomes Kevin Mammel to the Board.

The three-year terms of office for the successful candidates commenced at the close of the AGM on December 10, 2021.

The Board would like to thank outgoing Board Member Cornelis Hertgers for the 12 years he served on the Board. Cornelis brought his extensive knowledge of farming throughout BC to the Board, due to the many relationships he has maintained not just with dairy farmers, but also with many other commodities. We will miss Cornelis’ professionalism, his kindness, and his commitment to the dairy industry.