The Milk Industry Advisory Committee (MIAC) is established by the BC Government, under the Natural Products Marketing Act (BC) and the British Columbia Milk Marketing Board Regulation. The committee’s makeup of producers and processors is unique in providing non-binding recommendations by consensus to the Milk Board in all matters involving production or pricing. The committee plays an integral role in helping to maintain the dairy industry’s stability in the province.

MIAC is also responsible to appoint one non-producer Board Member to the BC Milk Marketing Board (BCMMB) every three years. (Reference: BCMMB Election and Appointment Rules and Procedures). On October 28th, 2022, MIAC appointed Jeff Zonneveld to the BCMMB effective November 22, 2022, following the BCMMB Annual General Meeting.

The Board would like to thank the outgoing MIAC appointed Board member, Gerd Andres, for the six years he has served on the Board. We appreciate the knowledge and devotion Gerd has brought to the Board.

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