The BC Milk Marketing Board (the Board) had reason to believe that Mr. Stuyt had been selling, shipping for sale, or offering for sale, unpasteurized milk, other than through the Board, contrary to subsection 61(2) of the Consolidated Order, from the farm premises. The Board had further reason to believe that such unpasteurized milk had been transported from the farm premise to a warehouse premises located in Surrey, and further transported to Punjab Sweet House in Surrey.

The Board held a hearing on August 17, 2021 where it invited Mr. Stuyt to show cause why his licence and/or quota should not be suspended or cancelled, in whole or in part. On September 29, 2021 the Board made a decision as a result of the hearing that in lieu of cancellation of Mr. Stuyt’s licence and quota, the Board had decided to take the following actions:

A. That a charge be imposed against Mr. Stuyt, dba Hol-Amer Farms, in the amount of $228,451.02. This amount represents costs and losses incurred with respect to the milk improperly marketed by Mr. Stuyt.

B. Having regard to Mr. Stuyt’s past impermissible marketing of milk, the following terms and condition are imposed on Mr. Stuyt’s licence for a period of three years commencing from the date of this decision:

  1. Mr. Stuyt may not buy Continuous Daily Quota on the Quota Exchange or otherwise;
  2. Mr. Stuyt may not receive a general allotment of Continuous Daily Quota by the Board; and
  3. Mr. Stuyt may not receive incentive days

Mr. Stuyt is appealing the decision of the Board made on September 29, 2021.

Any interested parties that wish to become an intervenor in this appeal should contact BCFIRB directly to apply for intervener status.