The grass-fed industry is experiencing a surge in demand, and in order to accommodate that, the Board is seeking producers interested in producing conventional grass-fed milk.


  1. The applicants must show a sound understanding of grass-fed milk production and the procedures followed within a grass-fed milk farm. Resources such as the DFC National Standard for the Production of Milk from Grass-Fed Cows provide a good guideline for producers to educate themselves on the process of running a grass-fed milk operation.
  2. Farms must be located within the Fraser Valley region in order to fall within the existing transportation zone of conventional grass-fed milk.
  3. The Producer must be in good standing with the BCMMB.

Price Premium:

A premium will be paid for conventional grass-fed milk that is processed into Grass-Fed Milk Products. The current premium is ten cents per liter.


Please note, there is no quota allocation associated with the request for grass-fed milk.

Selection Process:

The selection of producers to participate in the supply of Grass-Fed Milk will not be chronological and will be based on an established process, which includes consultation with the processor and final selection made by the Board. Selected producers will have demonstrated the ability to meet the outlined requirements, transport efficiencies, and Board discretion.

The Board does not warrant or guarantee to any vendor that milk meets the standards outlined as conventional grass-fed milk.

Please provide your interest in production of Conventional Grass-Fed Milk via email in the form of a letter or business plan, no later than May 04, 2024. In your email please include:

  • Farm IRMA
  • Amount, or range, of quota available for Grass-Fed Milk
  • Single or multiple segregated bulk tanks
  • How your farm meets the requirements to be considered within the Grass-Fed Stream
  • Expected transition timeline
  • Location

Please direct your Expression of Interest to Laina Bater at or, if you have any questions or concerns, contact Intishar Jashim at 604-854-4476 or