The BC Milk Marketing Board along with the Western Milk Pool (WMP) provinces is announcing a two-day per month credit use restriction effective July 1, 2022.

A two-day credit-use restriction means that you can produce your daily quota holdings plus two-days’ worth of credits per month, if available.  Any production more than the two-day credit limit will be deemed over quota.

As a result of strong industrial milk demand the WMP is currently in a balanced position with milk production matching milk orders.  To maintain the balance between milk orders and milk supply the current two-day credit use restriction will remain in effect for the month of July.

Please be aware that there needs to be a good balance of daily supply and demand of milk throughout the month. Producers are encouraged to ship to their daily quota eligibility on a weekly basis, rather than front-loading (i.e., shipping higher volumes) during the first three weeks of the month and excessively reducing on-farm production in the fourth week of the month. Front-loading on-farm production in the first three weeks of the month negatively impacts the blend return due to surpluses that result in excessive skimming (during the first three weeks of the month), and shortages in the last week of the month (due to our inability to meet processor orders).

The WMP will continue to closely monitor the milk supply and demand situation and will respond as required based on the market signals.

If you have any questions, please contact Kathy Wallis at OR Pam Gregory at