Disposal and Reporting 

With the significant amount of milk dumping and transportation challenges, all producers in the province should log into the MMS Producer Portal and check their milk pickups to ensure all milk pickups have been reported. Payment for your November production will be based directly from the volumes shown in the Pickup History screen (under the Test Results drop down), so if you are missing any pickups, you should report these as soon as possible. You can log into the MMS Producer Portal here: MMS login

If you are missing milk production volumes, or are asked to dispose of your milk, record your dipstick measurement and send the following in an email:

  • Your dipstick reading or volume
  • IRMA
  • Date of disposal

Please send the above to Lisa Gruban: lgruban@bcmilk.com

BC Milk is reviewing the November pickup data for each farm in the province with special attention to missing or abnormal pickup data.  If it appears your farm’s pickup data needs updating and we have not heard from you, we will be reaching by phone or email to minimize the revenue impact to your farm and appreciate your help in doing so.