The BC Milk Marketing Board has announced the following fixed incentive days for the fall season. Fixed incentive days are “use it or lose it” for the specific month issued and cannot be carried forward.

  • September 2023               1 Day
  • October 2023                    1 Day
  • November 2023                1 Day

Up to date Producer Notices with respect to Incentive Days can be found on the BCMMB website home page under BCMMB Latest News.

Incentive Day(s) area issued by the Board during specific months in order to encourage additional production.  A producer must be proAction certified (or on 6 month grace period) to be eligible to participate.

  • An Incentive day provides the producer an opportunity to ship additional day(s) of production as long as they have shipped at least 100% of that “month’s quota” CDQ X ship days
  • Quota is utilized during an “Incentive Day” month(s) for production as follows:

Month Quota Incentive day(s) Over production credits

  • Eligibility for an incentive day is only based on the actual current month’s production and not on your over/under credits position
  • Credits cannot be sold to meet the production requirement to access an incentive day(s)

Staff Contacts

Pamela Gregory for assistance with monthly production calculations/requirements.

Kathy Wallis for assistance with quota management policy.