In consultation with SPAC, the Board has adjusted the organic sleeve allocation policy effective July 1, 2020. Previously, organic producers would be eligible for 100% of the next periods sleeve + additional share of sleeve only if the farm produced 100% of the previous periods sleeve. This utilization limit has been reduced to 90% to ensure organic producers have more stability from one period to the next.

Under the new policy, organic producers that produce 90% of the sleeve or greater in a period are entitled to the entire sleeve in the next period +additional share of sleeve. The updated organic policy guide can be found here Organic (Specialty) Policy Guide 2020.

The current sleeve allocation policy is described in the box below

DateScenarioDateMaximum Allocation
March 1No sleeve producedSeptember 150% of available sleeve
March 1≥ 90% sleeve producedSeptember 1100% + additional available sleeve
March 1Partial sleeve produced        (< 90% sleeve produced)September 150% + sleeve utilization percentage over 50%