Over the past weeks, the Western Milk Pool (WMP) has experienced a significant surplus of milk that is largely due to lower-than-expected processor orders, poor market recovery due to the COVID-19 pandemic, and the continuing impacts of trade agreements.  

In response, the BC Milk Marketing Board, in conjunction with the other WMP provinces, will be implementing a zero credit-use restriction policy effective March 1, 2022.    

A zero credit-use restriction means that you can only produce to your quota holdings.  Any production in excess of your quota holdings will be deemed produced. Over quota financial penalties will continue to be applied to any production over 5 credit days. The use of under and over production credits cannot be applied to production in excess of your monthly quota holdings.    

The WMP will continue to monitor the milk supply and future market demand.  The continuation of the zero credit-use restriction policy will be reviewed monthly.   

Please note: This restriction does not apply to specialty (organic) producers and Board recognized grass-fed milk producers

Please contact Zahra Abdalla-Shamji at zabdalla@bcmilk.com, if you have any questions regarding the policy. For credit calculations please contact Kathy Wallis at kwallis@bcmilk.com or Pam Gregory at pgregory@bcmilk.com.