The Board continues to monitor the market demand across the west and anticipates a change in supply through the fall months due to the natural seasonality of milk production. Although the western milk pool (WMP) is currently meeting market demand, to ensure an adequate milk supply in the fall, there has been agreement by the Manitoba, Saskatchewan and BC Boards to remove all production restrictions in their respective Provinces.

Effective September 1, 2020, all production restrictions will be removed; producers in BC will be able to produce their quota using the +5/-15 flexible days as per normal policy.

Incentive Days – No announcement

Due to continued uncertainty and unknown demand, the Board will monitor milk demand and supply and determine whether additional milk production is required.

The Covid-19 pandemic continues to drive economic decision making in all industries. BC experienced a surge of cases more recently, creating an environment of uncertainty for the future. A second wave is expected and depending on its severity the province could decide to re-instate previous restrictions that may have an impact our industry, such as restaurant closures. We will continue to monitor supply and demand closely and make further decisions as required.

We appreciate your patience during these challenging times.

**This notice corrects the statement that there has been agreement by the WMP to remove all production restrictions in the four Western Provinces**