Every few years the Transportation Department sends out a ‘Producer Survey’ to all producers in an effort to update important information such as emergency contacts, milking times, bulk tank storage, etc.

We are now providing the “Transportation Department Database Update” in electronic form which we are hoping will be easy and convenient for producers to use. We provide the producer a link, the producer answers a security question, fills out the form, and then clicks a submit button when done.

Please click on the following link, Transportation Department Database Update , and update information for your farm to ensure milk pickup continues to be efficient and in line with each producers milking times and needs.

Please note, that if at any time your information changes at anytime, you can access the Milk Board website, under Producer -> Transportation -> Transportation Department Database Update , and update your information on this form and resubmit it.

We thank all producers for your cooperation and attention in assisting us to update our records.