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If you have any concerns or questions about your milk component testing, milk quality testing, or general questions regarding Milk Quality, please contact Kelly Harris, Milk Quality Coordinator.

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I don't agree with my bacteria result.

Please contact Kelly Harris to express your concerns. She will look into it.

I don't agree with my butterfat result.

Please contact Kelly Harris to express your concerns. She will look into it.

My bacteria result did not change on my milk slip but I did receive component tests.

Component Tests: (Butterfat, Protein, LOS and SCC).

Your sample probably arrived greater than 4 degrees at the laboratory. In this case we can test for components but not bacteria. We will make every effort to test the next sample for bacteria. If we are able to do this you may see the bacteria update later in the week.

My bacteria result is high, what should I do?

Contact Kelly Harris and she will look into this for you. We now test load samples so we are able to compare the load sample result with the weighted average of your load. If they do not correlate, we may delete the high IBC. There are other factors that are taken into consideration as well to determine if the high bacteria result is in fact representative of your milk at that time.

What do I do if I suspect that my milk may contain antibiotics?

You need to determine what drugs may have been used on your farm. Once you know this you can contact a processor in your area to find out if they will test your milk for a fee. If you are located in an outlying area try contacting a neighbor, some producers have their own test kits or your veterinarian.

If you cannot get your milk tested and you suspect that there may be antibiotics in the tank we recommend that you dump your milk as there are penalties involved if your milk gets rejected at the processor.

Note: There are simple tests that can be purchased for farm use, contact Kelly and she will send you the information on this. The cost of each test is much less expensive than penalties involved in shipping milk containing antibiotics.

What happens if I ship milk that tests positive for antibiotics?

Please refer to the BCMMB’s Non-Qualifying Milk Policy.

What happens if my test results are missing?

Each month is broken down into to periods. Each period is made up of two weeks. If one test is missing in a period the other test would be used for both periods ie:


We would use 3.80 – 3.42 – 5.80 for the period.

When do my test results get posted on the website?

Your test results should appear on the website around the same time each week. During official week however, the test results are available at least 24 hours later than usual. This is due to an additional test that is performed. If your results are not on the website, call Kelly and she can advise you of exactly why.

Why are my test results missing on the website?

There could be a few reasons for this, your sample’s butterfat tested anomalous, meaning the butterfat differed from the previous test by 0.5, the sample may have leaked or is missing. Contact Kelly Harris to find out exactly what happened.

Why are the test results different on my milk slip when compared to the website?

Two things have to happen in order for the current lab test to appear on your milk slip:

  1. Transportation Dept. has to update the lab test results for your farm
  2. The Bulk Milk Tank Grader (BMTG or driver) has to then update his handheld unit.

Theoretically, the website could show current test results but your milk slip doesn’t or only your bacteria result has changed. On your next pick up the rest of your test results should be updated. If not, call Kelly and she will look into this for you.

The bacteria results can be updated prior to component results which include Butterfat, Protein, LOS and Somatic Cell count. For this reason, depending on when the drivers update the handheld unit you may get an updated bacteria result but not components. As stated above, they should update on the next slip.

Why is my bacteria result zero on the website?

Call Kelly Harris regarding this. It is probably because the load sample result and the weighted average of your load did not correlate; as a result it was deleted.