On June 1, 2020 the BC Milk Board, in partnership with the Western Milk Pool, bound a Product Contamination insurance policy. This policy is designed to provide coverage to the Producers and the Board in the event that product (milk) is alleged to be tainted or unfit for human consumption. As you are likely aware the costs associated for these events, whether or not there is any liability, can be substantial. As litigation becomes more and more prevalent the placement of this type of policy became inevitable.

Covered under this policy is assistance in the event of a claim, coverage for government recall, malicious product tampering, adverse publicity and accidental contamination. There is also a component for professional claims consultation in the event of an occurrence.

By joining together with the Western Milk Pool, it allowed for higher policy limits while also being much more cost effective as a group. The costs to insure each producer separately were cost prohibitive which led to the group policy being created.

This policy is held by the BC Milk Marketing Board and any incidents will be vetted through the Board. A copy of the policy is available for inspection at the Milk Board office.