After several years of requirements gathering, design, and testing the Board is excited to announce that it launched the new IT system (MMS) on August 1, 2019. 

The key changes that will affect processors include: 

  1. There will be a new processor secure website (linked to the main BCMMB website) 
  2. Delivery and component data will be available real-time through the processor secure website 
  3. New processor invoice & statement design 
  4. Access from mobile devices 
Processor Verification Form Mailed to You 

All processors should have returned their personal “Processor Verification Form” to the BCMMB. This form is required to properly set-up each plant’s account as well as provide a Primary User the access to the site and set-up any further Sub-Account Users. If this form has not been completed, it should be immediately by the authorized personnel for the plant and returned to the Board for verification and final set-up. If you require another copy of your Processor Verification Form to be sent to you, please contact the office at 

User Guide 

The new MMS site is designed to be intuitive and easy to use, but to provide assistance throughout this transition, a detailed user guide is available on the Processors page of the BCMMB website which can be found here: MMS User Guide

Included in this guide is an overview of the new processor site and detailed instructions for all areas of the site. Two main features that we wish to draw to Processor’s attention are: 

  1. Delivery and component data is available in the site and is updated throughout the day so that plants can monitor their raw milk deliveries and associated components (components are first estimated, then updated after lab tests are received and finalized by month-end). The BCMMB will rely on plants to have access to this information and expects them to be monitoring their deliveries through this area of the new website as this same information is used to invoice plants. At mid-month and month-end, BCMMB will no longer be delivering ticket and component summaries to the plants; instead plants will be required to log-in and notify the BCMMB of any discrepancies as they are realized throughout the month. 
  2. Sub-accounts can be created for different types of plant users, mainly those with access to the raw milk deliveries, and those requiring access to current and past invoice/statements. 

If you have further questions regarding any aspects of this new site, please contact