After several years of requirements gathering, design, and testing the Board is excited to announce that we will launch the new IT system (MMS) on August 1, 2019. It is important to note that the most significant changes will be for the Board’s internal operations, as this is the system we use for pooling, processor invoicing, quota management and data management. The key changes that will affect processors include:

  1. There will be a new processor secure website
  2. Delivery and component data will be available after lab results are received through the processor secure website
  3. New processor invoice & statement design
  4. Access from mobile devices
Processor Information Form Mailed to You

Because of the sensitive nature of the information available in the processor secure website, the Board is sending each processor in the province a “Processor Verification Form” to ensure that initial access instructions are only sent to the authorized personnel of the plant.

All processors will receive their personal “Processor Verification Form” by email to the email address on file for each plant number. The form should be completed immediately by the authorized personnel for the plant and returned to the Board for verification and final set-up. Once we have verified your information, on or after August 1 you will be sent an email notification with your username and instructions to create a password and will then be able to access your new processor account which can then be used to create several types of sub-accounts for other plant users as well, all of which will be under the primary account’s control. You are responsible for the security of your log-in information which should be kept secure, similar to your banking PIN. If you have questions or haven’t received it by July 19, please contact Dan Poelman: or (604) 854-4473.

More information on MMS will be coming in the weeks prior to August 1, to outline in more detail how to use this new, more efficient system. In the meantime, if you have any questions, please contact