On June 7, 2019, the Board reviewed a request from a producer to receive the Train-Accessibility Discount on a farm that was not eligible due to conditions outside the farms control. Producers are eligible for a volume-based discount on their cost of transport if their farm can be picked up by Train (two trailers in a “Train” configuration). As a result of the request, the Board undertook a consultation on the Train Accessibility Discount policy to ensure it is relevant, up to date in the current environment, meeting policy expectations, and treats all producers fairly and equitably. 

The Milk Board has conducted consultations with various committees, transporters and stakeholders in the province. Based on the feedback received, the Milk Board has developed the following DRAFT policy for producer review and feedback. This policy reflects the current operational intent of the Train accessibility discount. 

Draft Policy: In order to be considered Train Accessible, a farm must meet the following requirements: 

  • Meet all yard and driveway requirements, as well as all standards and guidelines outlined in the “Milk Pickup Policy”
  • Access to the farm via roadways, bridges, ferries or other means must provide safe passage for trains that does not jeopardize the safety of the Bulk Tank Milk Grader, the transportation equipment, or the public 
  • The opinion and safety analysis of the professional driving fleet will be consulted when considering Train Accessibility to the farm 
  • Roads must be regularly maintained by the Ministry of Transportation, or other regional authority, and deemed at minimum a school route or minimum of class C winter highway classification 
  • To be considered for the Train Accessibility discount, a farm must be accessible by train year-round. A farm will not be considered Train Accessible if the use of trains is not reasonable throughout winter or only accessible seasonally (extreme weather conditions excepted) 

The Milk Board invites all producers to provide their feedback via email to wsiemens@bcmilk.com, feedback will be accepted until January 22, 2020.