The WMP inhibitor pre-screening program is designed to compensate processors for the inhibitor testing done at their plant prior to receiving raw milk from transporters/producers at their own cost. Processors are encouraged to participate in this program and always test milk for all possible inhibitors prior to receiving.

  • Provincial milk boards administer the Inhibitor Pre-Screening Program on behalf of the WMP.
  • Provincial milk boards will reimburse processors as per the following terms and conditions:
    • a rate per test (beta, sulfa and tetra or combined) per processing facility will be determined each year or when prices incurred by the processor change and proof is submitted to a milk board.
    • rates will be based on the most recent invoices for reagent purchase provided by processors. Only costs related to the purchase of reagent is eligible.
    • should a processor perform an additional test, the rate will be reassessed.
    • the rate calculated per test (beta, sulfa and tetra) per processing facility will be used to compensate that processing facility for the next 12 months.
  • Processors will be reimbursed automatically via a credit each month on its milk invoice and calculated based on fixed rates multiplied by the number of trailers delivered to the plant.
  • Compartments of raw milk moved inter-provincially will be accounted for by the receiving province (where the milk is actually being tested).
  • At the request of a provincial milk board, processors could be subject to verification that tests are performed as declared.

If a BC processor wishes to be compensated through the WMP inhibitor pre-screening program, an Excel application form will be uploaded into your processor MMS portal under document manager. Once filled out, the application form and supporting documentation can be submitted back to the BCMMB to Sandra Livingston Alternatively, contact Sandra to request an Excel application form.

The Excel application form and updated invoices should be submitted annually to ensure proper compensation.